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Biden wins Wisconsin and adds 10 electoral votes against Trump

Biden remains at the forefront of projections for the presidency of the United States.


Democrat Joe Biden managed to win Wisconsin, adding another 10 electoral votes, essential for an eventual victory against Republican Donald Trump.

According to media projections, Biden obtained 49% of the votes in electoral preference.

With these numbers Biden reaches 248 votes compared to 214 for Trump.

Biden also led on Wednesday in Michigan, another vital state for the White House race, as both candidates tried to reach the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the battle. Trump won Wisconsin and Michigan in his 2016 victory.

Wisconsin officials finished their recount around noon and the results showed Biden with a lead of just over 20,000 votes, or 0.6%, according to Edison Research. The Trump campaign immediately said it would seek a recount, which is allowed by state law when the margin is less than 1%.

A Biden victory in Wisconsin would significantly reduce Trump’s options for a second term, although the end result remained in doubt with Michigan and other hotly contested states, including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and North Carolina.

For his part, Trump prevailed in Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where more than a million votes had not yet been processed. But if the Republican loses Wisconsin, he would have to win all three in addition to Arizona or Nevada, where Biden was leading in recent vote counts.

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