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Celebrities who want Donald Trump to win the election

Celebrities supporting Donald Trump in the 2020 elections. Photos: Instagram


Today are carried out elections in the United States to find out if Trump repeats another four years in the White House or if Biden will be the new president.

A large majority of artists have been in favor of the Democratic candidate, such as Chris Evans and Lady Gaga. But Trump also has the support of several famous influencers.

Curious is that some mexicans they have been in favor of the re-election of Donald. Read on and see who it is.

Rappers with Trump
(50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Lil Pump)

The famous rapper and producer 50 cent has assured on several occasions that his vote will be for Donald Trump, as the Biden’s tax plan seems excessive to him.

But he is not the only one, he has also been joined by Lil Wayne, who recently visited President Trump at the White House and Lil Pump.

Kirstie alley

The ‘Look Who’s Talking’ actress said she will vote for Trump because “he’s not a politician” and because “he does things fast and will turn the economy around“.

James Woods

You have to face it. Donald Trump is a tough guy. It is vain, uninspiring and crude. But he loves America more than any other president I’ve ever known … I would choose him over any of these fools. “

Kid Rock

The musician joined Donald Trump’s election campaign this year. Likewise has followed him to various rallies and certainly to the last presidential debate that took place in Nashville last week.

Jon voight

The actor and father of the beautiful Angelina Jolie is an outspoken Trump player. So much so that he even uploaded a video to his networks accusing Joe Biden of “evil” and that is why he must win.

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky actor and Trump have a very close relationship long before of him becoming president of the United States.

Roseanne barr

Since 2016, the Roseanne actress has expressed her support for then-candidate Donald Trump and it seems that this election will be no different.

Paty Christmas

Among the many strange and surprising things that Paty Navidad has said this year are her messages of support for Donald Trump and marked him as “the best option for Mexico and America“.

The Sinaloan actress even made a call in networks for Americans to vote for him.

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they worship.” (Voltaire) “Those who can renounce freedom to obtain a small temporary security deserve neither freedom nor security.” (Benjamin Franklin). “Freedom means responsibility, that’s why most men are so afraid of it.” (George Bernard). Freedom begins in our mind, let’s free ourselves from the bars of our mental prison, let’s spread our wings and learn to fly, let’s not be like birds that are born in a cage and think that flying is a disease. Let’s wake up to the light of consciousness and begin to see with the eyes of the soul and understanding, feed our interior with love and heal the deep wounds that prevent us from evolving humanly and spiritually, take back our essence of light from the original creative source and in connection with the universe of infinite energy. Let’s vibrate at high frequencies, regain confidence and faith in ourselves and in God. Whoever has God inhabiting the temple of his being has nothing to fear. AMEN … “Whoever wants to be an eagle that flies, he wants to be a worm that crawls, but does not scream when they step on it.” (Emiliano Zapata). #latinosfortrump # trump2020 # méxicopatriotacontrump2020 #NOALNOM #maga #q THANK YOU for loving me and accepting me as I am, I love you infinitely. Blessings!

A shared post from (@patricianavidad) on Oct 31, 2020 at 12:37 pm PDT

Eduardo Verástegui

But Paty is not the only one, Mexican actor Eduardo Verástegui also joined the ranks of Trump, who offered him nothing less than to become an advisor to the White House Commission on Hispanic Prosperity.

Although everything seems more like a strategy to ensure the Latino vote in the elections.


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