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Deputies start blended sessions to avoid COVID-19 infections

After two months since the regular period began, until this Tuesday, November 4, the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies started with semi-presential sessions in which only 129 federal deputies may be present in the session room and are distributed according to the representation of each bench.

All other legislators They took the roll and will vote through cell phones and applications that were developed for this purpose. Even on the boards of the plenary session, you can see the other legislators, who attend virtually.

At the start of the session on Tuesday, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Dulce María Sauri (PRI), said it was transcendental for the history of Mexican parliamentarism, the first blended session.

He specified that there will be 129 male and female deputies from the different parliamentary groups in the Plenary Hall, but they will also attend electronically, through the digital platform, legislators who have registered attendance and who They will be able to vote remotely from where they are during the session.

They will also be able to speak through the Zoom platform, from wherever they are physically.

Sauri Riancho recalled that to regulate this session and provide legal certainty to the decisions adopted by the Plenary, a regulation was approved on September 1, within the framework of the health contingency; it is published in the Diario de los Debates of that date.

However, due to its relevance, it asked the secretariat of the Board of Directors to read the full text of said normative body.

In this session, the ex-coordinator of Morena, Mario Delgado, presented an initiative before the highest tribune of the country for the Chamber of Deputies to award the Medal of Civic Merit “Eduardo Neri, Legislators of 1913”, to the medical personnel who have provided their services to care for all the people who have suffered from the COVID-19 disease in our country.

All the procedures were dispensed with this initiative and it will be approved in plenary session of the highest tribune in the country.

In this presentation, Mario Delgado took advantage of his presence in the highest tribune of the country to say goodbye to his colleagues from Morena, PES and PT; as well as the coordinators of the opposition groups and the members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies.