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‘Diego lives!’… Joy among fans for Maradona


“Diego lives! Diego is forever!”. A scream breaks the silent wait of dozens of fans of the legendary Argentine soccer player, Diego Maradona, in front of the hospital where he was successfully operated on for a bruise on his head.

Enduring wind and cold in front of the neon lights of the Olivos Clinic, in the northern suburb of Buenos Aires, Maradona’s unconditional followers received the news around midnight on Tuesday that their 60-year-old idol is recovering satisfactorily from the surgery to which he was urgently subjected to a subdural hematoma.

What joy! We were sure that he was going to get out of this and anxious for him to return to the field, “Gonzalo Arriera, a 47-year-old bus driver, confided to AFP, who says he has a” spiritual “bond with the world champion. in Mexico-1986.

Maradona was successfully operated on for a hematoma on his head

A giant canvas installed outside the hospital shows the player kissing the World Cup. At his side, several banners with messages of encouragement that say “Much strength Diego, we love you” or “Diego, I just ask you for one more dribble.”

Arriera remembers that in his childhood “life was to see Diego play” and openly exposes his idolatry for the ’10’: “I never discuss with anyone whether he is the best or not. He is the best and that’s it.”

Determined not to move until they see their hospital icon come out, which could take 48 hours, many fans ordered pizzas and shared hot mate.

“The old age you deserve”

Maradona will be operated on for a hematoma on his head

The indomitable virtuoso of the ball played 676 games and scored 345 goals in his 21-year career, but he also survived two heart attacks, several surgeries and a psychiatric hospitalization after a life of excess with hard drugs and alcohol.

Now coach of the La Plata Gymnastics and Fencing Club, Maradona lives under tranquilizers and anxiolytics.

We know that difficult times are coming for him and we are very confident that he will follow the medical instructions, “said Pedro Miño, a 71-year-old retiree and member of the northern branch of Gimnasia y Esgrima, outside the clinic.

A fervent practitioner of the unlikely Maradonian Church -which gathers thousands of admirers around the world-, Walter Rotundo wishes that his champion “can live the old age he deserves.”

This 38-year-old man says his life changed thanks to Maradona, to whom he paid tribute no less than with his two twin daughters, whom he named Mara and Dona.

Like any religion where the faithful try to do what their God preaches, we try to do what Diego would do: have a giant generosity, be a good person, have a love for the shirt, fall and get up, “he explained with his eyes on, behind a mask with the player’s image and under a cap that says “Maradona”.

“The only God”

Cintya Vera, a 40-year-old housewife, traveled for more than two hours by public transport to get to the clinic when she found out about her idol.

Maradona’s unconditional, He wears on his arm, a tattoo of the footballer with the Argentine national team shirt, on his neck, his name, on his hand, he dedicates the word “GOD” to him, on his calf, again the player kissing the World Cup.

When I was a little girl, my dad taught me his games and there I was a fan. To him in every tattoo I say ‘thank you’. He has guided my life, I have always said that the only God that exists is him, “said the woman.

Controversy, drugs, soccer … Maradona turns 60

Like her, many Argentines feel that Maradona is very close to them, and that his history is interwoven with that of his family. Therefore, they did not hesitate to accompany him with prayers and prayers while he was in the operating room.

Inhabitant of a poor neighborhood like Maradona was, Nicolás Sanjurjo awaited the player’s discharge from hospital in the shadows. “Diego’s legacy is to fight her, not bow down to evil, to know that if you put a grip on him, you can, without hurting anyone,” said this 23-year-old worker, who considers Maradona “part of the family.”

We are never going to stop loving him, this is for life, “he said with a broken voice.