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‘Dismembered children were kidnapped with deception in CDMX’

Héctor, one of the children whose remains roamed the streets of the downtown area along with the remains of his friend Yahir; He was fond of motorcycles and with that pretext his captors and murderers took him away, after they even invited them to “give thanks” to San Judas Tadeo on October 28.

After that night, no one else saw them alive again.

Information provided by his friends to the investigating agents of the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office who are handling the case, detail that that day, Yahir asked Héctor to accompany him to see his girlfriend, because their employers had promised to take them to motorcycle races , but it was all a lie because in reality “the walk” was to reprimand them after, “they did something wrong”.

As part of the investigations, the FGJ-CDMX investigates at least six other people who have participated in the kidnapping and subsequent murder of the children.

Authorities do not even rule out that in a neighborhood of the related downtown area

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