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Domestic violence: police want to educate teens – L’

The Trois-Rivières police are working on setting up a domestic violence awareness program. Aimed at adolescents, this program aims to prevent this type of violence.

“This is a real concern for us,” says the spokesperson for the Trois-Rivières police, Luc Mongrain. When we look at the numbers in our last annual report, we see an increase in reports of domestic violence. And with the pandemic, we expect high figures for the year 2020. “

In its 2019 report, the Trois-Rivières police recorded a 9% increase in crimes against the person compared to the previous year. 126 more files were compiled. Spousal violence offenses account for 40 of the 126 additional occurrences.

“This is a major issue and this is why we want to work upstream,” says Mongrain. When possible, we will go to secondary schools to talk about domestic violence. We want adolescents to be able to recognize what it is and to put words into these gestures. ”

“It is important that there be awareness in high school because it is often at this age that we begin to have the first boyfriends and the first blondes,” continues Mr. Mongrain. It’s important to work upstream to prevent statistics from continuing to increase. ”

Presentations to students will include contextualizations related to their reality. “For example, if your boyfriend asks you to see the contents of your phone to find out who you’re talking to, that’s no,” Mr. Mongrain recalls. It might not seem like a big deal to some people, but they’re small things to watch out for. Domestic violence is also done verbally and psychologically. We will demystify all that with them. ”

Call for citizen vigilance

In addition, the Trois-Rivières police are calling on the vigilance of citizens in these times of pandemic. With confinement, certain situations of violence against women and children are likely to go under the radar.

“In confinement, the problem is that there are fewer denunciations,” said the spokesperson for the Trois-Rivières police. Often, it is coworkers who find out that things are wrong and make reports. Since the start of the pandemic, we have been relying on the vigilance of neighbors. We ask people to be on the lookout and call if they have reason to believe that someone is the victim of domestic violence. ”

“When we receive a call of this nature, we go to see what’s going on,” continues Mr. Mongrain. If the person does not want to open the door or if we have no answer, we can still open the door if we have reason to believe that someone is being violated or in danger. “

The Trois-Rivières police urge citizens not to hesitate to report any situation of violence. To denounce: 819 691-2929.