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Feminists protest in Oaxaca’s human rights defender

They condemned gender violence and femicides that have increased during 2020. Photo: José de Jesús Cortés


A group of feminists lit bonfires on Calle de los Human rights of the Oaxacan capital, where the Human Rights Ombudsman of the People of Oaxaca, to condemn the gender violence and femicides that has increased during this 2020.

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Dressed in black, they installed a sound system in front of the defense where They cried out for justice for the murdered women, and they sang and danced to songs related to the fight for gender equality in front of bonfires.

They also painted on the facade of the Human Rights Defender, to demand the omission of the authorities in the face of hate crimes against women.

They also set some tires on fire and placed crosses on the avenue to symbolize the murdered women.

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The women’s group made up of some 40 protesters continued their protest for more than four hours.

I agree with you feminist collectives who protested, among which was “Green Tide”, They reported that 380 Oaxacan women have been murdered so far this administration.

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