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Global nervousness over uncertain outcome of US elections

Most of the international leaders and foreign ministers await the publication of the final results, trying not to add fuel to the electoral fire.


The world saw with nervousness this wednesday the vote count of the presidential election from United States, when there are still millions of votes to be counted and the competition it is too close, which increased the risk from days, or even weeks, from legal uncertainty.

Donald Trump’s early declaration of victory was rejected by some US political commentators and civil rights groups, who warned of the violation of long-standing democratic norms.

Most of the international leaders and foreign ministers waited, trying not to add fuel to the electoral fire.

Let’s wait and see what the outcome is, “said British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

There is obviously a significant amount of uncertainty, “he added.

But while Raab and others called for caution, the Slovenian prime minister broke ranks and congratulated Trump and the Republican party via Twitter.

The latest vote tally showed Democrat Joe Biden with an advantage in the Electoral College: 224 votes to 213, with 270 needed for victory, but the count is not yet finished in at least five of the so-called ‘pendulum’ states: Pennsylvania, Michigan , Wisconsin, North Carolina and Georgia.

In 2000, the election between George W. Bush and Al Gore was decided in Florida.

Ultimately, the Supreme Court of the United States decided in favor of Bush, in a ruling issued five weeks after the vote.

In his comments, Trump suggested that the Supreme Court, which he nominated three of the nine justices, would have to decide the winner again.

On Twitter, the hashtags #Trump, #Biden and # USElections2020 were trending from Russia to Pakistan, from Malaysia to Kenya, and across Europe and Latin America, underscoring how much each region of the world considers the result to be critical.

In Russia, a country that the US intelligence agencies have accused of trying to interfere in the elections, there was no official reaction.

But pro-Kremlin lawmaker Vyacheslav Nikonov, grandson of Stalin’s foreign minister, advised Russians to stock up on popcorn, saying American society was fatally divided.


In Australia, crowds watched the results roll in as they drank beer at an American bar in Sydney.

The news is much better when Trump is present, “said Glen Roberts, who wore a red cap embroidered with ‘Make Europe Great Again’.

You never know what he said … I think it will be less interesting if Trump loses, “he added.

Others were quick to highlight the ramifications of the US election around the world.

I think it affects us all, what happens there really matters for the next four years, “said Sidney resident Luke Heinrich.

Human Rights Watch warned that no judgments should be made until every vote is counted.

With a very high number of ballots mailed this year for COVID-19, full counts are forecast to take days in some states.

In China, social media users looked at counts with derision.

Whether he wins or loses, his ultimate mission is to destroy the image of American democracy, “wrote a user of the Chinese Weibo platform, similar to Twitter, on Wednesday.

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