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Greenfield Park and Vieux-Longueuil also want a drop-off point to recycle glass –

After arr. of Saint-Hubert, these are the elected representatives of the boroughs of Greenfield Park and Vieux-Longueuil who wish to obtain the necessary credits for the installation of a voluntary glass deposit point on their territory.

A resolution to this effect was adopted by the three elected officials of Greenfield Park at the borough council meeting on November 2. The next day, a similar proposal submitted by independent advisers Jonathan Tabarah and Steve Gagnon rallied all the elected members of the council of arr. of Vieux-Longueuil.

Last month, Saint-Hubert expressed the same request. The resolution proposed by independent municipal councilor Jean-François Boivin was adopted unanimously.

“The demand from citizens for the installation of a container for the recovery of glass in the borough has been continuous since the beginning of 2019, observes the president of the arr. of Greenfield Park Robert Myles. As cities in Quebec multiply pilot glass recovery projects, it is time for Longueuil to follow suit. ”

According to Jonathan Tabarah, these three resolutions send a clear message to the executive committee, which will have to address these requests. “Now that the three districts are coming together to the front, we do not see how this request could be refused,” he believes.

The president of the arr. du Vieux-Longueuil Benoît L’Écuyer sees this resolution as a demonstration that elected officials can work together on issues dear to citizens. “We must promote the district as a decision-making body close to the citizens”, believes

Requests and petition

In recent months, citizen pressure so that Longueuil imitates cities like Saint-Lambert, Boucherville and Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville by installing containers where citizens can deposit their glass containers has been growing.

The petition of the group The planet invites itself to Parliament has so far collected 680 signatures.

Councilor Steve Gagnon says he understands these citizen demands. “Making a detour to Saint-Lambert or Saint-Bruno or Boucherville to recycle your glass is sufficient proof to install at least one in Longueuil.”

The City of Longueuil was initially not very receptive to the implementation of such a pilot project, evoking in particular the importance of the technical, financial and material resources to be deployed for a measure doomed according to it to be temporary.

According to her, such drop-off points would lose their relevance when the extension of the deposit to all ready-to-drink beverage containers from 100 ml to 2 liters comes into effect in 2022. The forthcoming expansion of producer responsibility was also taken into consideration.

At the municipal council meeting on October 20, Councilor Éric Bouchard, however, specified that this issue would be the subject of discussions at the Committee on Regional Planning and Sustainable Development, whose meetings resumed after a break due to the pandemic. The mandates were given to the committees in February.

The official opposition has already expressed itself in favor of a pilot project to set up such collection points. Opposition leader Xavier Léger filed a notice of proposal in October 2019.

Mr. Léger found “ironic” that Action Longueuil’s elected officials today support these resolutions, recalling that Mr. Bouchard had stated in June that “the City had no plan to put dumpsters everywhere. glass recycling ”.