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Journalist Jesús Alfonso Piñuelas murdered in Cajeme, Sonora

The 43-year-old journalist Jesús Alfonso Piñuelas Montes, known as “El Norris”, was murdered on the night of November 2 in Cajeme.

According to the Municipal Police report, the events occurred around 10:30 p.m. on November 2, on Chirahui Street between Palo Brea and Palo Santo in the Amaneceres neighborhood.

The journalist collaborated in various media and published on his own networks such as Japm Shock Norris and Zarathustra Prensa “El Shok de la Noticia” on Facebook; Norris Escorpion on YouTube and others.

At the scene of the armed attack, the police found a red motorcycle lying on the ground and the journalist with a black backpack on his back.

Jesús Alonso, also worked in a company distributing food and according to testimonies from his colleagues, the motorcycle had recently acquired it to facilitate his journalistic work and to be able to survive in these times of economic crisis due to Covid-19.

They demand clarification of the crime

This year three journalists from Cajeme have been assassinated.

The 53-year-old journalist José Guadalupe Castillo was found dead – on the morning of Thursday, June 11 – on the sidewalk in front of his house located in the El Campanario neighborhood. According to the first expert analysis of the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office, the type of sharp injury that he presented infers that it was possibly carried out with a kitchen knife.

On July 20, the Prosecutor’s Office reported the apprehension of two people, allegedly responsible for the crime of qualified homicide and robbery with violence.

On May 16, Jorge Armenta Ávalos was executed as he was leaving a restaurant; a policeman accompanying him also lost his life.

Eduardo Flores, secretary general of Delegation 14 of the National Union of Press Writers, said that the union demands that the three sectors of the government be thoroughly investigated the murder of Piñuelas Montes and that it is not just another statistic in the crimes that occurred against journalists .

“As far as communicators know, our colleague did not say he had problems, and if he really wanted to grow with his newscast, where he had little to reintegrate after several months of hiatus.”

“From the SNRP we send our sincere condolences to his family and colleagues, wishing them prompt resignation. We demand justice so that this crime does not go unpunished,” said Flores.