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Manuel Velasco supports digital sessions in the Senate

Manuel Velasco, coordinator of the PVEM senators.


Senator Manuel Velasco Coello expressed his support for the Senate of the Republic to establish the possibility of remote sessions through digital platforms.

Velasco pointed out that with this measure the Senate would act responsibly in the face of the rebound in Covid-19 infections registered in the country, taking care above all of the health of legislators, workers of this parliamentary body and those who go to the Senate.

He explained that by adopting remote work, the Upper House could not only continue with its essential activity, but would also see its communication channels strengthened with all sectors of society and with the public powers.

In this sense, the also Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the Green Party reported that the senators and senators of his Bank support the proposal of the Leader of the Political Coordination Board, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, to have a modern, empathic and responsible Senate before the situation that Mexicans are experiencing with the pandemic, adopting remote work mechanisms.

He recalled that different public powers have endorsed the digitization of their activities with successful results and stressed that the Senate of the Republic has the capacity to take this new challenge forward.

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