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New Jersey and Washington DC support legal use of marijuana

Puerto Rico went to the polls to elect governor and to pronounce in a plebiscite for its annexation to the United States. Photo: AP


The voters of the state of New Jersey and Washington DC voted to approve the legalization of recreational marijuana use.

The entities conducted consultations in conjunction with general elections in the country.

In New Jersey, 67 percent of voters spoke out for decriminalizing recreational herb.

With that, it joins 12 other states in the United States in which it is already legal.

On the other hand, in the capital of the American Union, 77 percent of voters said yes to the decriminalization of the use, distribution and trade of a series of plants.

During yesterday’s election day, Americans not only voted for president and congressmen, but in three other states, Arizona, Montana and South Dakota, consultations have also been held on the approval of the legalization of cannabis for recreational use.


During yesterday’s session, Puerto Rico spoke at the polls in case it joins the United States as a state.

According to media in the Caribbean country, the majority of the population voted to annex.

More than 536,000 people voted yes, while 489,000 voted no.

The plebiscite asked a single question: “Should Puerto Rico be immediately admitted into the Union as a State?”

It was an advisory vote, since the federal Congress would have to approve that decision.

One of the candidates is Pedro Pierluisi, from the New Progressive Party, who defends turning the territory into a federal state. He was a non-voting representative of the territory in the federal Congress and governor of the island for a brief period.