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No one gives up; Trump leads Biden in key states


Although at press time Joe Biden had more electoral votes than Donald Trump, he was ahead in the count of key states to define the next US president.

Of the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win, the Democrat had 236, to 213 for the Republican. Yet Trump was leading the way in major states such as North Carolina, Wisconsin and Michigan. He won in Ohio, which is relevant because no president has made it to the White House without winning that entity.

Trump also targeted Texas and Florida, where he showed unexpected strength among Latinos by drawing more support from this minority compared to 2016.

Biden won in California, Oregon and Washington, considered strongholds of his party. Vermont, New York and Illinois also won. He was ahead of Arizona, where 11 electoral votes are at stake.

According to the newspaper USA Today, Biden had more direct votes than Trump, so if he won, for the second time the Republican would win the presidency without having the most popular support.

In a message, the Democrat said he was confident in his victory and asked for patience to wait for the final count. Trump said he was the winner, but accused fraud, so he announced that he will ask the Supreme Court to stop the recount.


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has the advantage to obtain a second term as head of the White House.

At press time, the Republican had 213 Electoral College votes, out of the 270 needed to win the presidency, down from 236 for his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Despite that difference, it had an advantage in key states such as North Carolina, which has 15 votes, Wisconsin, which gives 10, and Michigan, which gives 16.

In the United States, it is much easier for presidents to get a second term.

In total, 21 leaders have been re-elected.

And in the recent history of the country, only ten have not achieved a consecutive victory.

Trump was victorious in key states. Florida stands out, which grants 29 electoral points.

He also won at Ohio, which has 18, despite the efforts of Joe Biden’s team.

This victory is relevant because no candidate for the White House has reached the presidency without winning this entity in the Midwest.

Probably, the Democrats underestimated President Trump, believed that his smear would be enough.

Nor did they do the grassroots and mobilization work that the Republicans did, grouped by the president.

This choice was not so much about persuading, but about organizing.

The contrast was enormous, with rallies with many enthusiastic people, the difference was complete.

While Biden did drive-in type encounters.

Early votes stand out, especially in the case of Michigan and Pennsylvania.

In the case of Pennsylvania, more than 2.4 million early votes were cast in the state, of which almost 1.6 million were from Democrats and approximately 555 thousand from Republicans.

It is necessary to see the popular vote.

According to the diary count USA Today, Joe Biden obtained 66 million 735 thousand direct votes. Above the 65 million 82 thousand that Donald Trump obtained, at the close of this edition.

With which, for the second time, the Republican would obtain the presidency without the greatest popular support.

Joe Biden won in the west coast states of California, Oregon and Washington, considered strongholds of his party. Vermont, New York, and Illinois also won.

The former vice president led in Arizona, where 11 electoral votes are at stake.


President Trump showed unexpected strength among Latino voters in key states.

In Florida, according to exit polls, Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden shared the support of this community.

The Republican had the support of three in 10 non-white voters compared to just two in 10 in the contest four years ago, according to exit polls by Edison Research.

In Texas, four in ten Hispanics voted for Trump, up from three in ten in 2016.

With this, the forecasts of the polls would be broken.

According to a model from the analytics center, the Democratic candidate would win in 89 out of 100 scenarios. For his part, the Republican would win 11 out of a hundred.

In addition, in national polls from the RealClearPolitics analysis center, the Democrat had a voting intention of 51.1 percent, while Trump 43.9.

As in the 2016 contest, the issue of the polls will be the subject of analysis.

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Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden asked his supporters to be patient until all votes are tallied.

Let’s take some time. We have to be patient until the votes are counted, every vote is counted, “said the former vice president last night in a message from Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden said he is confident.

We feel good about who we are. We feel good about who we are, ”he said in his speech that lasted about three minutes.

The number two of the Barack Obama administration said he maintains confidence in pending states.

He also assured that he is still in play in Georgia and Michigan.

We’re going to win in Pennsylvania. It can take a little longer ”, stressed the applicant before a group of supporters.

The Democratic politician celebrated the election day exercise, despite the fact that his rival Donald Trump was ahead of the contest.

It is a decision of the people of the United States. Congratulations to you, friends ”, he celebrated.

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The president of the United States, Donald Trump, assured that he is assured of victory in the United States elections.

We are preparing to win these elections and in fact we have won them. We have to ensure integrity in our country, “he said in a message from the White House.

The Republican president assured that there are signs of fraud.

It is a huge fraud. We want the law to be used properly. We are going to take it to the Supreme Court, we want all the voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any vote at four in the morning, ”he insisted.

The Republican insisted that his party won the elections.

It is a very sad moment. We will win this. In my opinion, we have already won. I want to thank those who have supported us, “he said.

In his message, Trump emphasized that he won in Florida and Texas.

It is also clear that we have won Georgia. We have clearly won North Carolina. But more importantly, we are winning Pennsylvania by a tremendous margin of votes, ”he said.

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