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No to the Day of the Dead! This is what relatives of victims demand


Relatives of victims of the disappearance of women, survivors, violence and femicide in Mexico signed a letter declaring themselves against the proposal that November 3 be considered a “day of the dead”.

“We don’t want flowers, we demand convictions for the murderers. We do not want them to commemorate the crime of Femicide. We demand Fair Sentences and the guarantee of non-repetition ”, are part of the public letter signed by 43, mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts of victims of femicide.

“Making official that there is a day of the dead is a clear message to society and to the murderers that we have accepted that they continue to kill us that we even commemorate it. We don’t want one more murdered or one more broken family. We do not want charity, we demand our rights ”, the document continues.

It is the third consecutive year that the activist Frida Guerrera launches a campaign on social networks so that on November 3 it is called # DíaDeMuertas “That femicide is not a tradition, November 3, the day of the dead, until” Not one more ” be a reality, “said the journalist in a tweet on Tuesday, November 3.

However, the women who signed the letter differ from the fact that one day the victims of femicide are remembered, because, they say, an average of 11 women die a day every day.

“Femicide is a crime, not a tradition !! They didn’t die, they murdered them !!!

“It has become normal for us to know or see women disappeared, murdered, raped, mutilated, skinned; for those of us who live it it is such a great pain that it takes a lot of effort to live and walk with it.

“For those who have political or monetary interests, they use pain, abusing the fragility and hope of some of the families to impose # DíadeMuertas

Do you refer to “remember” them ???? ”

“With helplessness and uncertainty we remember them every day and 11 times a day, daily the murderers remind us that they can kill us women in this lawless country.”

Next (in the Photogallery), the letter that the women and relatives of victims sent to Excelsior.

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