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PAN accuses of nepotism and corruption of Pemex director

The PAN parliamentary group, through its Anticorruption Group (GAC), denounced the director of Petróleos Mexicanos, Octavio Romero Oropeza, before the Public Function Secretariat, for acts of corruption and nepotism since he took office on December 1 from 2018 to date.

At a press conference, the PAN members assured that Julio Manuel Oropeza Andrade, Carlos Augusto Oropeza Nuñez, and Lorena de los Ángeles Correa Romero were identified as cousins ​​of the director of Pemex, which places them in the 3rd degree of kinship, with gross salaries of 77 thousand 186, 51 thousand 297 and 42 thousand 301 pesos, respectively.

In the same sense, Daniel Abel and Pamela Oropeza Falcón were identified as nephews of the Pemex head, which places them in the 2nd degree of kinship, with a gross salary of 97 thousand 591 pesos and 34 thousand 234 pesos per month, respectively. ; as well as Aura Luz Flota Oropeza, allegedly the niece of Octavio Romero Oropeza, which places her in a 2nd degree of kinship, with a gross salary of 139,176 pesos per month.

Finally, to Patricia Oropeza Zurita and Luis Oropeza Zurita, who are allegedly nephews of the Pemex head and therefore have a 2nd degree of kinship, with a gross salary of 37,470, and 29,097 pesos respectively: In addition to the nepotism that itself , It is already serious in Pemex, “we hope it does not happen as with the director himself who does not have the tables or the necessary skills to manage a company of this size,” said deputy Éctor Jaime Ramírez Barba.

In the virtual chat, the PAN deputies demanded that the hiring and kinship ties between Romero Oropeza and public servants be investigated: Julio Manuel Oropeza Andrade; Carlos Augusto Oropeza Núñez; Lorena de los Ángeles Correa Romero; Daniel Abel Oropeza Falcón; Pamela Oropeza Falcón; Aura Luz Flota Oropeza; Luis Oropeza Zurita; Patricia Oropeza Zurita, as well as: María De Lourdes Oropeza Roa, Rigoberto Martin Córdova Oropeza, Alejandra Oropeza Méndez, María Del Rocío Soto Oropeza and Víctor Alberto Arizpe Oropeza.

“We demand an investigation into the illegal designation of direct relatives up to the 4th degree of the General Director of Pemex, Octavio Romero Oropeza, which according to current legislation constitutes acts of nepotism considered serious administrative offenses,” noted the coordinator of the GAC, the deputy of National Action, Marcela Torres Peimbert.

They explained that, according to Article 63 Bis, of the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities, the public servant who, using the attributions or powers of his employment, position or commission, directly or indirectly, designates, names or intervenes so that people with whom they have kinship ties by consanguinity up to the fourth degree, affinity up to the second degree, or bond are hired as trust, structure, base or honorary personnel in the public entity in which they perform their functions of marriage or concubinage.

One of the objectives of this complaint is for the Ministry of Public Administration to investigate these cases and act accordingly. That is, not only nepotism, also check if the job profile is covered.

“The director has a beautiful family within the parastatal, but unfortunately, it is not the only case, other high-level officials make his family participate in key positions in different agencies within the 4Q,” said the legislator from Acción Nacional.

For her part, Deputy Josefina Salazar announced the follow-up to the complaint filed by the GAC, weeks ago, for various irregularities within the Institute to Give Back to the People the Stolen (INDEP), where they identified three companies that were it directly assigned a budget of 907 million pesos, which represents almost 50% of the institution’s budget.

“We filed the corresponding complaint, and we have already received a response, now there is the corresponding investigation and we will be attentive to the conduct of the head of the SFP, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, that she does not become that mat where the dirt of the 4T hides and that not only take out everything that comes from other administrations to air; the good judge begins at his house and we will not take our finger off the line, “Salazar said.

The deputies that make up the GAC are: Marcela Torres Peimbert, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, Josefina Salazar, Saraí Núñez and Gloria Romero, as well as Verónica Sobrado, Éctor Jaime Ramírez Barba, Patricia Terrazas, Jorge Arturo Espadas, Ángeles Ayala, Alejandra García Morlan.