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Restrictive measures announced in Chihuahua due to increase in COVID-19

Given the increase in COVID-19 infections and the saturation of hospitals in the state, Governor Javier Corral Jurado announced a series of restrictive mobility measures in addition to those already established at the red traffic light.

The president announced that, from Monday to Friday, all commercial activities will be suspended at 7:00 p.m. and will resume at 6:00 the next day, while at 00:00 hours on Saturday all activities are restricted, including those of the maquiladora industry and supermarkets.

Only, he said, will be able to remain open grocery stores, butchers, tortillerías, bakeries and convenience stores whose space is less than 300 square meters with the purpose of avoiding crowds.

Javier Corral explained that on this day, in addition to the publication of the new decree with these measures, an initiative will be sent to the local Congress so that the use of face masks is mandatory within the law, as well as the sanctions for those who do not wear it.