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Riots overshadow election day; protest in Washington

In Washington, dozens of people protested around the White House; protesters voiced their rejection of Republican Donald Trump. Photo: AFP


During yesterday’s election day, mobilizations were reported near the White House in Washington.

About 150 people from the Antifa group protested in the streets of the capital of the American Union, reported last night Image News with Ciro Gómez Leyva.

For the elections, the main cities of the country put up metal fences and wooden fences in shops and public buildings.

The main buildings and businesses in downtown Washington and New York sheltered in recent days from the threat of possible disturbances.

In the capital, local police arrested a protester who participated in an unregistered blockade.

Since last Monday, on the billboards that surrounded the White House, the population placed banners in rejection of the Republican and in support of the anti-racist movement.

Local police arrested a protester during a demonstration yesterday in the capital of the American Union. Photo: AP

The climate of polarization in which these elections are held, marked by the pandemic and preceded by the unprecedented protests in recent months around the Black Lives Matter movement, and the possibility that the final result will take days to be known sparked concern about potential outbreak of violence.

The statements of the president, Donald Trump, encouraging his supporters to mobilize to monitor that electoral fraud does not take place, added to his criticism of the postal vote and his refusal to openly commit to accept the results of the polls have led to warn of a real risk of violence in a country where the possession of weapons is also a right recognized by the Constitution and where, in particular, extreme right-wing groups have proliferated.

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