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Social programs do not improve

The administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not improve in the performance of social programs during his first year of government (2019), since 99 programs out of 116 obtained poor performance or operated in opaque conditions, according to the Performance Index of federal public programs 2020, carried out by the organization Agencia para el Desarrollo (Gesoc) and which was presented in the Chamber of Deputies.

During the presentation of this report, it was announced that the government of the Fourth Transformation allocated 67% of the social budget, that is, 646 thousand 139 million pesos, in 2019 to programs with low performance or opacity, so they are not in conditions to solve the public problem that gave rise to them.

In the 2019 report, in which they evaluated the last year of President Enrique Peña Nieto, it was detected that 81.98% (100 of the 122) of the federal government’s social programs were not effective, since in some cases their performance cannot be measured due to their opacity or they simply do not have the possibility to solve the public problem for which they were created.

Now, in this report it was found that among the worst evaluated are: Training Program and Training of Human Resources for Health, Health Care Program of the Ssa, Life Insurance for Heads of Household, which were located in the Improvable Performance Level category.

Some of those that are in the Low Performance Level are: National Reconstruction Program, Pension Program for the Well-being of People with Permanent Disabilities, Sowing Life, Benito Juárez Basic Education Scholarship Program for Well-being, among others.