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They accuse that AMLO ‘rewards’ a magistrate who denied registration to Mexico Libre

The president of the organization México Libre, Margarita Zavala, accused on Tuesday that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador rewarded magistrate José Luis Vargas with the presidency of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) for the sentence he made to deny him registration as a political party to his movement.

In a message through her account on the Twitter social network, Margarita Zavala said that the block of 4, referring to the other four magistrates who voted for Vargas, decided that the president of the Electoral Tribunal was José Luis Vargas.

In her message, the also former independent presidential candidate, accused that José Luis Vargas drew up a sentence with which he violated the Constitution and with which he denied the registration of Mexico Libre.?”The block of 4 has decided president of the electoral tribunal ( like this in lower case) The executive rewards @JL_VargasV a sentence that, violating the Constitution, denied the right of those of us who built Free Mexico.

Judge Vargas Valdez obtained 4 votes in favor to become the new president and behind him was Judge Reyes Rodríguez with 3 votes.

In an unusual event, the magistrates met in private to elect their new president. According to sources from the Court, the session was exclusively for the election of the new president.