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They celebrate the advance of ‘Olympia Law’ outside the Senate


Members of the National Front for Sorority, Digital Defenders and other feminist groups, held in front of the Senate of the Republic the manifestation called “casserole“, To demand the approval of the so-called”Olympia Law”Which typifies and penalizes harassment, harassment and dissemination of sexual content on internet platforms or social networks.

The women placed a blanket and posters on the bars of the building at gate 6 of Paseo de la Reforma, where they shouted slogans to pressure legislators and remained aware of the session broadcast on social networks.

“There is no reform, punitive punishment or institutional punishment or recognition of digital violence, because it is believed that the virtual is something that you cannot touch, you cannot see and it is not violence,” explained Olimpia Coral Melo, director of the National Front for Sorority minutes before the Law is approved.

After the vote and its unanimous approval by the United Commissions for Gender Equality and Legislative Studies, the activists hugged each other and showed their joy.

Senator Martha Lucia Micher She went out to celebrate with the activists who remained outside the legislature, was received by Olímpia Coral, who thanked her for supporting her in the project that she promoted after experiencing this type of violence in her own flesh and gave her a purple bandana with the legend of the recently passed law.

The senator stressed that it will be necessary to train public ministries, human rights defenders and society in general, because with this law there will be resistance.

“It is a minute that came from the Chamber of Deputies and we enriched it a little more, there were initiatives here in the Senate, media violence, digital violence has been typified, they have been incorporated into the criminal offense and it has also been modified in the Law General access to a life free of violence (…) we are returning this minute (to the Chamber of Deputies) that if it is approved tomorrow we will deliver one more law to women within the framework of November 25, day of the violence against women “detailed Martha Lucía Micher.

The activists will remain in a sit-in outside the Senate, waiting for the deputies to sign the document.

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