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They dismembered two minors after celebrating Saint Jude


Two minors, who disappeared after going to celebrate San Judas Tadeo, were identified as two of the dismembered carried by a man in a little devil, through the streets of the Historic Center.

They are 12-year-old Alan Yahir and 14-year-old Héctor Efraín, who were murdered on the night of October 27.

According to the Attorney General’s Office in the capital, the minors lived in the Historic Center where they allegedly engaged in commerce with their parents.

The minors attended the church of San Hipólito and later Hector asked Alan to accompany him to see his girlfriend, since then nothing has been heard from them.

The young woman assures that Héctor never arrived, as she was waiting for him to go to some motorcycle races in Iztapalapa.

Authorities assume that Alan and Héctor were murdered and dismembered in a neighborhood on República de Chile Street, where members of La Unión operate.

A subject identified as Édgar Zuñiga, alias El Zuñiga, 39, was the one who removed the remains and tried to deceive the authorities by pretending to be a destitute addict who had been paid to take out cans and boxes with garbage.

Actually it is a subject who works for Eduardo “R”, alias El Chori ”and for José David“ H ”alias“ El Chayan ”.

Although the family of the minors assures that they are engaged in commerce, the authorities have indications that they had a relationship with drug distributors and extortionists from La Unión who operate in the area.

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