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After countless hours of practice, successes and failures, the Trifluvien Alexandre Lessard and the Shawiniganer Jean-Gabriel Pothier have decided to turn their passion into a profession. Barely a month ago, they founded their company, Creatorium, which specializes in 3D printing.

To mark its launch, they released a four-piece set to add to its Christmas village. Each of the houses represents approximately thirty hours of printing and six hours of painting. For the lot, we are talking about 160 hours of work.

“The trend is to buy locally and that’s exactly what we want to promote,” says Jean-Gabriel. Everything is done in Mauricie. We print from home and paint by hand. People who wish can also paint themselves. We offer both options. ”

“We also have a table games component which is already working well,” adds Alexandre. People make characters and props and get printed on them. Basically, we are <@Ri>gamers<@$p>, <@Ri>thirsty<@$p> games. Creatorium is a project of passion and we want to transmit this passion. “

The latter made his debut in the field of 3D printing three years ago. Noting the potential of the process, he made his class by cumulating the tests. “Recently, with Jean-Gabriel, we decided to get started,” he says. At the moment, we have a very local clientele, but with online orders, we can deliver everywhere. ”

“You can do almost anything,” adds his partner. If you like gardening, we can make you a custom tool. If you are passionate about trinkets, we can make you a personalized one. We can turn dreams into reality. ”

Meticulous work

In 3D printing, the possibilities are almost endless. When a client has a project in mind, the first step is to find the 3D model. “There are a lot of free models online,” says Alexandre. Otherwise, it can be bought. And if there is nothing, it must be created. “

This step may seem simple enough at first glance, but it is actually complex and crucial. A tiny forgotten detail can lead to a failed impression. “You have to think, among other things, of putting supports in certain places so that the part does not crash during printing,” says Jean-Gabriel. When the printing has started, it is too late, nothing can be changed. You have to wait and start over. It is very difficult at the beginning to make successful impressions consistently and without loss. You get good with practice, a lot of practice. ”

For printing, the customer has a choice of various materials. Resin is generally used for objects with small details. There are also several kinds of filaments. “After that, it’s cleaning the room to remove the supports, then painting”, lists Alexandre.

To discover Creatorium and follow the progress of the project, visit the company’s Facebook page.

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