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They propose a minimum age of 21 years to be able to drink in CDMX

The coordinator of the Social Encounter Association (AES) in the local Congress, Fernando Aboitiz Saro, proposed reforms so that the minimum age to consume alcoholic beverages in Mexico City is 21 years, and not 18 as it is currently.

He argued that this would avoid various problems such as unprotected sexual relations, venereal transmission, unwanted pregnancies, gender violence, and traffic accidents, “which represent one of the major causes of premature death among young people,” the legislator said.

To do this, it presented the initiative to reform section 1, of article 11, additions to article 12 Bis of the Capital Mercantile Establishments Law, to establish that the sale of alcoholic beverages in all commercial establishments to those under 21 years of age is prohibited. old.

Aboitiz Saro’s argument that the consumption of alcoholic beverages at an early age generates various problems, so it is necessary to raise the age to allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

He highlighted that according to INEGI, alcohol consumption among high school youth is 39.9%, while in high school it is 45.8%, in addition to the per capita consumption of alcohol is between 18 and 29 years old, who drink 7.9 liters of alcohol, followed by those under 15 to 17 years old, with 5.9 liters.

He recalled that drinking alcohol is considered as a means for socialization admitted in the various social sectors, both in developed and developing countries, “but it is a fact that the youth population has problems related to this custom,” he said. .

Therefore, the AES legislator argued, an action to prevent all these problems consists of establishing a minimum mature age to buy and consume alcoholic beverages, but in Mexico the age is 18, when the age of majority is reached. .

However, he considered that it is not an age that allows young people to be aware of the risks generated by their excessive consumption, so he proposed increasing it to 21 years for its purchase and consumption.

“With this, young people can have a greater maturity to know and create awareness of the risks that the consumption of alcoholic beverages entails”, emphasized Aboitiz Saro.

He stressed that even though they have recommended that young people in general not consume alcohol, “it is evident that there are problems of alcoholism, since as a social group, it is part of the youth culture and implies a specific conception of space and time, a symbolic, common and shared space, built by them through interaction, “he lamented.

Hence, on weekends, he said, the so-called clubs are crowded with young people, despite demanding better control and avoiding selling alcohol to adolescents, “but they do so with the consequent deterioration in their health, under the argument that they come to have fun and socialize, “said the deputy.

However, he recognized the efforts of the authorities to implement preventive measures, such as the breathalyzer, supervision to avoid the sale of alcohol at the established times; control the density of alcohol outlets, to reduce access and problems related to alcohol by limiting alcohol consumption; as well as strengthening the tax policy on alcoholic beverages.

“However, such efforts have been unsuccessful, since alcohol consumption among young people is growing more and more. For this reason, we consider it vitally important to establish more effective measures, such as prohibiting those under 21 years of age from consuming alcohol”, insisted the popular representative.