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They revive their wooden soul at a puppet festival


With the montage of Fausto, a tale of the demon, The Elephant Man, The repugnant story of Clotario Demoniax and The fandango of the underworld, the first edition of the Alma de Madera Puppet Festival in Mexico City will start today, to be held in In person at stages such as the Sergio Magaña Theater, the National Arts Center (Cenart) and the Lola Cueto Theater, reported Andrea Cruz Meléndez, director of the meeting that will conclude on November 22.

Organized by the Teatrapos company, this meeting recovers the spirit of the Mireya Cueto Puppet Festival, which died in 2014, although we know that it is difficult to maintain this type of space, but for a few years we wanted to set up a festival that would give space to young proposals, with a space for projection and experimentation with the different puppet techniques ”, he assured in an interview with Excelsior.

The program is divided into three parts. “The first is that of master puppeteers, which will feature The repugnant story of Clotario Demoniax, by the El Tinglado company, and Fausto, a tale of the demon, by maestro Manuel Márquez. They are works that have been presented for many years in Mexico and abroad. They are iconic and essential for people who are approaching this work for the first time ”.

The second cycle, he said, includes young puppeteers with new proposals, who have been presented for a few years and are characterized by experimenting or combining with other languages. For example, some use stage combat, sones and fandangos, live music, poetry and paper theater ”.

And a third cycle that is more academic and is dedicated to companies that are starting and want to present a sample of their work, in which they can also obtain some tools or techniques that they have not acquired.

How is the festival financed and what will happen if the sanitary conditions of the CDMX are modified in the following days? “The festival is financed by Fonca and is supported by the Spain Cultural Center, Cenart, the Lola Cueto Theater and the Mexico City Theater System. In case there was no physical reprogramming, our proposal would be to do it via steaming. We would like to keep the dates this way, but if the traffic light changes, we could go to a virtual proposal, where the functions are held behind closed doors and their transmission would be from social networks ”.

And he added: “The idea is that it is not postponed until next year. We believe that it is important to return to the theaters safely for everyone, but we are excited about the idea that audiences can witness live theater. “

Will the edition be annual? “It will be biannual, so the next edition is scheduled for 2022.


For Andrea Cruz, the puppet has a unique strength and meaning that is related to our childhood and the power that exists in fiction and reality.

The puppet is like our first toy. Also, because from a young age we believe we have the intuition to animate inanimate objects, to generate tools for our imagination and make it grow through play, that is, when we animate dolls –which is our first puppet or toy– and we like to think that puppets they remind us of that first stage of our childhood, where we all played with an object and that for us was real, credible and kept us immersed ”.

In addition, regardless of the technique or the discourse, we think that the public returns with us to that moment in which they entered a fiction to believe that objects can have life, “he explained.

In addition to this, “we believe that the puppet, as an object, has a totemic, almost ritualistic force that brings us closer to the principles of theater and conviviality. It seems to us that they are two opposing forces in a show in which we can do catharsis in other ways to the theater discipline.

And we like to think that the game is a tool through which the puppet can be entered. Although not all the works are comedies or present the same type of stories, these proposals take us into a game, because the game is to imagine, it is to give life to something that does not have it, but that makes us believe in forces more powerful than the human”.

The program will open today with the Management workshop for puppet theater, which will last for three days.

Three stage montages are scheduled for Friday, November 6. It is about The Elephant Man, by Abigail Espíndola, at the Lola Cueto Theater (Av. Francisco Sosa 298, Santa Catarina) at 7:00 p.m.

The piece is located in the year 1890 and is inspired by the old toy theaters that brought together family and friends to recreate stories in the halls of Victorian mansions. “The Elephant Man is a one-man theater miniature for unconventional spaces that tells the story of a man who suffered a terrible disease, which deformed his face and body, and which to this day has not been deciphered, so still it is known by that name.

The next performance is scheduled for Thursday, November 12, at 7:00 p.m., at the Sergio Magaña Theater (Calle Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 114, Santa María la Ribera), which is based on Norse mythology, is set in Asgard and uses stage combat, masks and large-format puppets to talk about violence, parental absence and a sense of belonging.

The complete program can be consulted at the following link:


  • The Alma de Madera Puppet Festival will be held from November 4 to 22.
  • The Lola Cueto Theater is located at Avenida Francisco Sosa 298, Santa Catarina neighborhood, in Coyoacán.
  • The Sergio Magaña Theater is at Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 114, Santa María la Ribera neighborhood, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.
  • The National Center for the Arts is located at Avenida Río Churubusco 79, Country Club Churubusco neighborhood, in the Coyoacán mayor’s office.


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