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They study to postpone Wonder Woman 1984 again due to covid

The pandemic has left the premiere schedule low. Photo: Warner


The pandemic has left the minimum release schedule. Media Europe has closed its cinemas – despite not registering any regrowth in theaters since the start of the pandemic – and the United States, the world’s main market, still has the exhibitors in its main cities, Los Angeles and New York, closed.

Faced with this complicated panorama, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, one of the few big-budget films that – after several delays – kept its premiere for this year, could be about to postpone your release date again until summer or Christmas 2021.

As reported by Deadline, Warner Bros. executives are these days holding various meetings to analyze the situation and decide what their next move is. At first, and that remains the official version until further announcement, the major plans to stick to its plan and release the film starring Gal Gadot on December 25th. Ann Sarnoff, an executive of the company a week ago with Variety spoke in that line.

We have some time to decide on a date change for the film, “he said.

Photo: warner

However, the rush is pressing and, especially, the producers, since, in the United States, marketing campaigns start six weeks in advance, which indicates that Warner should start promoting the film from next week.

Of course, it should be remembered that, for now, the study has not given an official announcement some on what he will do with ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, nor its director, Patty Jenkins, -who already warned that the launch would be only in cinemas and the VOD launch was ruled out- or its leading actress, Gal Gadot.

If they want to avoid million-dollar losses, it is time for Warner to announce its intentions and the situation does not invite to believe that the study keeps the date. However, delaying the premiere – for the fourth time since the coronavirus pandemic exploded – would be a devastating decision for exhibitors who, in addition, could cause a domino effect in other titles scheduled for Christmas as ‘Free Guy’ or ‘Death on the Nile’.

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