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They support distance study; Puma Acatlán PC Center


Alejandra Morán, a professor of law at the Division of Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Acatlán, had to prepare her classes throughout the night for months and sometimes she had to teach them through her cell phone.

There is only one computer in his house and his son, a Graphic Design student, needs it to follow his classes online during the day.

Now, the academic occupies the PC Puma Center, located at the FES Acatlán, to carry out her teaching tasks.

“It has been a very important relief because at home we have only one laptop and my son uses it, so, at the same time, I could be progressing in classes, making materials that cannot be done from the cell phone,” he said.

The teacher explained that to develop the work to be on a platform between two and four hours you have to invest a lot of time, so she took advantage of the nights, since it was the only time the team was free.

“The work was doubled for us and we were not prepared at home, at the team level, to be able to face it, even by programs that are needed. Now, with the opening of this center, my work is easier for me ”, he assured.

At some desks from her, divided by acrylic, Mariana Moreno, a student of the Graphic Design career at FES Acatlán, carries out her homework.

The university student also makes use of the PC Puma Center because the two computers they have at home are used by her two nephews, who go to primary and secondary school.

“We do not connect with schedules and the truth is that we give priority to children. Sometimes I have had to take classes over the phone, but it is not the same, it is complicated ”, commented the university student who is studying the last semester of her degree.

Nolberida Cruz, a student of Applied Mathematics, is another of the students who will benefit from the opening of the PC Puma Center, because just last week her computer broke down.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do to continue my studies. Suddenly my computer didn’t turn on and I had nowhere to connect. But I found out about the center and, for now, as long as I can buy a computer, I will be coming here, “he said.

Yesterday, at the edge of 11:00 hours, only seven people made use of the PC Puma Center.

On average, since last October 12, 11 people a day visit it, according to Fernando Israel González Trejo, coordinator of Technological Development of the FES Acatlán.

FES Acatlán was the first UNAM school to open a PC PUMA Access Center so that students and teachers can access their classes online or carry out school activities.

The facilities have 150 computers: 90 chromebooks and 60 laptops available to the university community, not only from the FES Acatlán, but from any school or dependency of the National University.

González Trejo recalled that to be able to go and use the equipment, students, as well as teachers, must make their appointment through an application.

As part of the sanitary measures and healthy distance recommendations due to the covid-19 pandemic, there are acrylic dividers between tables and chairs, as well as access and exit routes.

Upon admission, users’ temperature is taken and antibacterial gel is provided. The use of face masks is also mandatory.

After each loan, the computer equipment is sanitized.