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They want to restore shine to faded walls with murals – L’

Tristan Rochette and tattoo artist Sébastien Vigneault would like to refresh the image of Trois-Rivières. They had the idea of ​​making murals inspired by urban art to restore shine to faded walls or walls covered with hateful messages.

“We have been talking about this project for several months. For his part, Sébastien is exploring new mediums and I have also done a lot of art in the past. November is gloomy and gray. It’s a good time to add a touch of color, ”says Tristan Rochette.

A first wall has already been identified to accommodate a first mural, the wall of Coop Le 507 on rue Saint-Georges in the city center.

“We made some sketches for this first mural after a discussion with the owners. The idea is also that it has a link with coffee and that it is representative of Coop Le 507, but it remains completely different, in style, from the historical fresco of the Côte Plouffe and the new mural on the street. Royale, ”he explains.

The duo also launched a flash crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform this week in order to raise a few pennies to defray part of the costs of painting and the materials necessary for the realization of the first work in the coming days.

“We want to make it quickly so that it can be seen all winter long. We would like to create several murals in the coming years, says Tristan Rochette. We started to discuss with people for other walls. I lived in Montreal for a while and the MURAL Festival attracts a lot of people there. Trois-Rivières is already a city of poetry. Why not make it a city of poetry and visual arts? We also see few murals in the region. ”

Tristan Rochette and Sébastien Vigneault thereby wish to demystify this street art and provide the population with colorful winks throughout the city. Mr. Rochette notes that there are several large unused areas across the city that could accommodate a work.

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