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They were of 2 minors, dismembered remains that were in a ‘little devil’ of the CDMX

Yair and Héctor were last seen on Tuesday, October 27, outside the neighborhood where they lived, in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

Yesterday Tuesday, their parents went to the coroner to identify the mutilated corpses of the children. To them belonged the remains that a man carried last Sunday in a little devil.

Yair was 12 years old and Héctor Efraín, 14. Their relatives did not imagine that the bodies they found among the garbage in the streets of the first painting of the City, would be those of their children.

And it is that five days after they disappeared, the news that a member of the Tepito Union had been arrested while carrying the mutilated corpses of two people, alerted them.

Still hopeful

Although in the neighborhood of Calle Pensador Mexicano, where the children lived, it was rumored that they had been found dead, the parents did not lose hope.

That’s why they didn’t stop placing Amber Alert ads.

Those same papers with the photograph of the two minors did not last more than an hour stuck because someone tore them.

But there, Yahir and Héctor were known to all. Both children of indigenous Mazahuas from San Antonio Pueblo Nuevo, State of Mexico, were residents of the neighborhood and since they were little they accompanied each other during working hours as assistants to their traveling merchant parents.

They were looking for love

Both wanted to study, but with the pandemic and the money they earned from selling sweets, they forgot about books. Therefore, the children roamed the streets of the Center in search of some adolescent love.

This was shown by the messages found on Héctor’s cell phone. He was communicating with a young woman who promised him a relationship and for which he was competing with a drug dealer.

And although they suspected that they had started to sell drugs, the family thinks that both were executed for their relationship with the young woman. Yesterday, Tuesday, forensic evidence revealed that the minors were tortured and mutilated. When it was is still unknown, but his relatives are demanding that the police investigate.

And is that Karina, Yair’s mother, notified the police about the disappearance of her son, hours after he did not return home.

She remembers that that Tuesday evening, Yair looked for the young woman to tell her that he would go to the store and that he would buy her a jelly. He left the neighborhood accompanied by Héctor, but they were never seen again.

Although the cell phone marked a Belisario Domínguez neighborhood as the last place where they were, the police did not look for them there.

For this reason, the family threatened to block streets and demonstrate to demand justice for the crime.

They were found but dead. Therefore, the family demands that they find the murderers.