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Volkswagen Golf R 2022 – L’

Volkswagen yesterday announced the arrival of the Golf R 2022 at the end of next year on Canadian soil. Even if the next generation of Golf will not come to us, the Golf R will be with us. It is obviously too early to talk about price, but here is the information we got from the German manufacturer:

  • Power is advertised at 315 horsepower, still based on a 2-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine with the standard six-speed manual transmission or the optional seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. This new power will allow the famous 0-100 km / h operation in 4.7 seconds. The maximum speed will be set at 250 km / h and up to 270 if you opt for the R-Performance group.
  • The Golf R will offer for the first time the dynamic behavior manager of the vehicle allowing the connection of the four-wheel drive with the adaptive regulation of the running gear and the XDS differential lock.
  • The R-Performance group in addition to offering more speed adds a “drift” profile
  • What would the R be without the 4-motion all-wheel drive with R-Performance torque vectoring: The all-wheel drive with rear reduction torque provides optimum driving dynamics. The Comfort, Sport, Race and INDIVIDUAL profiles – as new, in association with the optional “R-Performance” package -, as well as Special and Drift, are offered with the Golf R. The Sport profile is the basic mode of the Golf R, both dynamic and ideal. The name speaks for itself. However, the Comfort profile is designed to provide a particularly superior level of comfort, but still offers high steering precision. On the Golf R, in the special Race profile of Volkswagen R, the freewheel function (without engine drive) is deactivated, the engine noise is amplified via the exhaust flaps, for a finishing of the DSG, running gear DCC, progressive steering and sportier all-wheel drive. New 18-inch brakes that provide superior deceleration from all speed ranges.
  • Digital interior: The new R is fitted as standard with a “Digital Cockpit Pro” specifically programmed for R with premium sport seats, navigation system, ambient lighting and 18-inch light alloy wheels

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