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WADA admits it defamed Sakho

London, United Kingdom.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (AMA) acknowledged having defamed the French defense in the press Mamadou sakho, suspended in 2016 by his club at the time, Liverpool, and by the UEFA by a positive control before being found innocent.

The 30-year-old French defender, who currently plays at Crystal Palace, reported two statements made by the AMA to British newspapers where they continued to claim that he had consumed prohibited substances, when he had already been found innocent because those products were not on the list of banned when detected.

“WADA recognized that it should not have made those defamatory statements because Sakho had been found innocent“the WADA attorney noted in a court document.

“WADA acknowledged that Sakho had not violated UEFA’s anti-doping regulations, that he had not cheatedthat there was no intention to gain an advantage and that he acted in good faith, “he added.

The player had claimed 13 million pounds (14.5 million euros, 17 million dollars) in damages and interest from WADA, estimating that these claims had precipitated the end of his Liverpool career and affected his value at the transfer market.

WADA agreed to pay “a consequent sum“, which is confidential, as well as taking care of the” legal expenses “of the player.

Sakho tested positive in March 2016 for having used a fat burner. He was later found not guilty by the UEFA disciplinary commission as the product in question was not inscribed on the WADA list.

Deprived of the Europa League final with the Reds and his probable call-up with the French team for Euro 2016, he did not count again for the Reds and was loaned in January 2017 to Crystal Palace, before his final signing.