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15 states separate waste due to covid; two thousand garbage dumps with poor waste management

The head of Semarnat reported that agreements have been signed with the states to disseminate the Book of Best Practices for the prevention of covid-19 in the management of Urban Solid Waste.


The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), María Luisa Albores González, reported that only 15 states have reported the separation of solid waste related to contagion of covid-19 in homes, as suggested by the Best Practices for the prevention of covid-19 in the management of Urban Solid Waste.

During her appearance on the occasion of the gloss of the Second Government Report before committees and virtually, the official was questioned about the separation of waste and pointed out that Semarnat does not have that attribution, but on July 10, 2020 it was concluded that it was They will celebrate agreements with the entities to disseminate the booklet and its correct implementation for the management of waste in pandemics and protection of collection personnel.

“Only 15 of 32 states have reported some type of activity at the state or municipal level to carry out this. It is also important to point out that the waste generated in houses, even with reported contagion, continues to be collected by the municipal cleaning service, so sometimes what has to do with hazardous waste is not applied, ”he explained without detailing what these entities were.

Albores González recognized that the separation of materials used by people with covid in their homes depends on awareness and information in municipal and state collection services.

The Minister of the Environment warned that there are at least two thousand garbage dumps in the country where there is poor management of solid waste.

He reported that during the first fortnight of May, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) was requested information from 1,862 hospitals and laboratories, of which 780 were exclusive to covid-19, as well as the 143 service providers involved in waste management. María Luisa Albores González emphasized that these wastes must be incinerated.

The Primer makes a distinction in the management that will be granted to urban solid waste and considers normal waste those generated in homes and non-hospital organizations with residents without apparent contagion.

Opposition lawmakers said the federal government’s austerity policies and budget cuts are affecting Semarnat’s operation.

Federal deputies from the PRI, PAN, PRD, MC, and even the Green Party ally warned that the suggested budget for 2021 is equivalent to 45% of the resources approved in 2015.

The PRI deputy, Ana Lilia Herrera, emphasized that Semarnat’s budget fell by 32% compared to the one assigned in 2018.

“We are talking about the environment not being among its priorities for the federal government, even the budget assigned to Semarnat barely represents 6% of the budget assigned to Pemex,” he said.

He warned that the Budget Project proposes eliminating priority programs: the National System of Protected Natural Areas, air quality programs and the Infrastructure for Drinking Water, Sewerage and Sanitation, and the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wildlife.

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