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Airport, Mayan Train and Banks are used to do thesis


The main infrastructure projects of the Government of Mexico, the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, the Mayan Train or the Welfare Banks, will serve for thesis projects among the next graduates of the Military School of Engineers, of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena ).

The works will solve problems that arise in the construction of these works, explained Lieutenant Colonel, Communications and Electronics Engineer, Ubaldo Espinoza Cruz, chief of the Pedagogical Section of this military establishment.

In these great works there are many research topics that are emerging, and right now we are working together on our next graduate students, who must prepare a thesis in order to obtain an engineering degree.

We are focusing these theses on solving real problems that are being presented, or that will be presented in a short time within these great works, ”explained Lieutenant Colonel Espinoza Cruz.

This Thursday, Sedena commemorates the Day of the Weapon and Engineer Service, one of its pillars in the training of specialized personnel in a discipline.

The head of the Pedagogical Section of the campus stressed that one of the advantages for these students is to support their theoretical training, with practice in the works that are being carried out.

The degree lasts six years, the first 11 semesters we give them complete academic training, and the last semester is dedicated to finishing their thesis topic, developing a research topic.

Right now it is combining in the best way, because before some research topics were left in that, in research, now we are focusing them on solving problems that are being presented in the works commissioned by the Army ”, commented the academic.

Currently, 534 cadets are studying at the Military School of Engineers, of which 90 are women, 16.8 percent of the school staff, 444 are men.

The lieutenant colonel, construction engineer, Marco Antonio Zárate, commander of the Corps of Cadets and Officers in Instruction of the campus, stressed that every year the interest of women in this Weapon and Army Service is greater.

Every year there is greater interest from women to participate in the School, even seen in the statistics, this year 31 women entered the first year, which is a considerable number.

Compared to, for example, in the second year there are 22; in the third year there are 13 women and that is how it is decreasing, ”said Lieutenant Colonel Zárate.

He stressed that another value to highlight in the new generations that are entering this military career, is the use of new technologies more and more.

They have surprised me, technological tools for the application of engineering occupy a lot, in the various specialties, so they have a very good level, their attitude and aptitude have surprised me ”, said the military construction engineer.