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Alcoholics Anonymous: “I just want to be free, happy, and cheerful. “-

At the invitation of members of section 87 of Alcoholics Anonymous, Courrier du Sud attended a meeting Focus on our recovery.

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Monique *, who introduced herself as an alcoholic and drug addict, told her story.

She took her first sips of beer at the age of 7 or 8, from her father’s bottles, at his father’s invitation. When she first brushed at 14, her father told her that he was proud of her and that she “knew how to drink”. “I drank as much as he did… but I couldn’t drink,” she said.

Emotional addict, Monique got pregnant with a man she fell in love with while working in a dance bar. “Two years later, I joined AA. Not because I was an alcoholic; because I had lost custody of my son. ”

In the early days, she continued to use, despite her attendance at meetings. “I took a glass of wine, a little sniff and I found that I did not consume much”, she says.

When asked if a glass of wine was considered a relapse, she was told it depended on her honesty. “I didn’t have any well… I went to meeting and I took my two month token. ”

Throughout her story, she testifies to the discomfort and rage that have long haunted her, even though she had become sober. “I have been in tabarnak for 10 years, ”she sums up. After 14 years of sobriety, she entered therapy, which was liberating. “I lost 150 lbs of anger. I was able to breathe all the way to the navel! It had never happened to me. I have achieved this peace. ”

Today, after 29 years of abstinence, she does not hesitate to say that these meetings which she still attends regularly, and the meetings she made there, “saved her life”. They made her a better person.

“If you hadn’t given me so much love, I wouldn’t be so patient with my parents. I have learned to be a mother to you. I spoke to my children like I was a child. You taught me how to become an adult. ”

Again, it follows the principles of AA’s “Big Book”, which details the steps to be taken towards recovery.

“The important thing is to live in the present moment. It’s difficult. I just want to be free, happy and joyful. ”

* Fictitious name