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AMLO guarantees contract to doctors who go abroad

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that those doctors who obtain a scholarship of the 1,600 that will be available to study a specialty abroad will have a contract to work in public health institutions on their return.

“There is going to be a contract and they are going to commit to providing a service in the public service of the country,” he said.

Alejandro Svarch Pérez, head of the National Medical Coordination of the Health Institute for Well-being (Insabi), explained that one of the objectives has been for doctors who specialize in other countries to guarantee their return.

“Each person who is selected to go to these 1,600 scholarships will have a secured contract when they return to a public institution from where they live. This is an incentive that will allow human resources to work back in their country, in their entity “.

– “How long will this contract be guaranteed?” He was asked.

– “Depending on the time of specialty, the average specialty is that it will be four years in the core specialties, and at least they would have to do the same time that they were trained outside, inside; although there are specialties also three years”, he said .