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An old neighborhood in CDMX, where 2 children were dismembered

In room six of the neighborhood marked with number 86 of República de Cuba Street, in the Historic Center of the Mexican capital is the place where the children Yair and Héctor were tortured and dismembered.

There, the investigative police conducted a search this morning. This is how the inhabitants of the place tell it, who in the last hours and days have seen the agents of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City parade.

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By the coming and going of the police officers in front of a virgin seen from the street, the witnesses learned that one of the devils who lives there was responsible for moving the mutilated bodies of the 12 and 14-year-old children. The whereabouts of both minors of indigenous origin became known shortly after that man was discovered by police on Sunday when he was carrying human remains in plastic boxes aboard a devil, a tool to transport cargo. Days later, their relatives identified the children.

There, on the second floor of the neighborhood lived the man whom everyone in the place knew for his links with “people” from the Unión de Tepito, a criminal organization that is dedicated to drug dealing and extortion in the heart of the Mexican capital. .

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In addition to the arrest of a man, it is unofficially known that the children’s clothing and the weapon with which their bodies were sectioned were found in the room.

Those who live there say that it is not strange that drug traffickers roam the streets and the neighborhood of the Republic of Cuba. Two weeks ago, those same people – as if they were the authority – came to remove street stalls that did not pay the fees they are required to do.

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Those removed were mostly food stands that are set up in the morning and removed after noon.