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China bans entry of tourists from Belgium and the United Kingdom

Travelers from Belgium and the United Kingdom will not be able to enter China due to new measures against the covid.


China decided to ban entry of travelers from Belgium and UK due to the coronavirus pandemic, and strengthen the conditions of access to its territory for several countries.

The Asian giant, where it arose to end of the year After the coronavirus, it has practically controlled the epidemic in its territory.

The country partially closed its borders in late March and significantly reduced its internal flights, before prudently reopening the doors in recent months.

But according to a statement published on the website of the embassy of china in London on Wednesday, the government announced that it had “decided to temporarily suspend the entry of non-Chinese citizens present in the UK”, even if they have visas or residence permits in China.

This suspension is a temporary measure necessary due to the current situation of covid-19, “the statement said.

A similar announcement appears in Chinese on the website of the China in Belgium.

In addition to UK and BelgiumSeveral Chinese embassies in countries such as France, the United States, Germany, Singapore and Canada have announced an increase in control measures to access Chinese territory.

Travelers, Chinese or foreigners, coming from these countries must present diagnostic tests (serological and PCR) carried out two days before traveling and which must be validated by the Chinese embassy in the country where they are located.

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