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Disarticulated criminal groups in Xochimilco, highlights mayor

The joint work allowed not only to control but to eradicate criminal operations: Photo: @JoseCarlosXoch


The mayor of Xochimilco, José Carlos Acosta, stressed that due to the coordination between the National Guard, the Attorney General’s Office of the Capital City and the Secretariat of Citizen Security, the criminal groups that operated in the demarcation have been disarticulated.

According to data from its Second Government Report, the work of the citizen security, school security committees, and the Public Security and Attorney General’s offices made it possible to identify the sites with the highest incidence of high-impact crimes.

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It is indicated that the joint work made it possible not only to control but also to eradicate the criminal operations of “Los Rodolfos” as well as the Tláhuac Cartel, which recently tried to take control of the illegal activities left by the group led by Rodolfo “N”.

They emphasize that the most notable example of the actions between the federal, local and Xochimilco mayor’s governments have been the joint operations between the National Guard, Auxiliary Police and Citizen Security that have been carried out from October 1, 2019 to October 30. September 2020.

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It is indicated that, in the same period, C2 South received 2,297 requests to attend to emergencies, while last year, on the same dates, there were only 856 calls, which they say shows the growing level of confidence in the actions that the demarcation authorities implement with local and federal institutions in the field of security and justice.

Xochimilco is considered as a traditionalist territory due to its conformation in towns and neighborhoods and in each festival a police presence operation is applied with agents assigned to the demarcation. In the last two years, 1,475 security coverage has been carried out in patronal and religious festivals, cultural events, sports and social activities, which have concluded with a white balance.

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