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Dispute is limited; they ask for patience; undefined US presidency

Each entity has its own laws to process early votes sent by mail, so the counts can continue after election day / Photo: AP


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden advanced the race for the White House by winning in key states.

Biden won Wisconsin and Michigan yesterday, adding 264 votes of the 270 he must obtain in the Electoral College to occupy the highest office in his country.

In addition, he clinched the victory in Arizona, which gave him 11 votes, a state in which Donald Trump won in 2016.

With yesterday’s counts, the contest is limited to the state of Nevada, where there are six votes at stake.

At the press of this edition, the entity has a closed count, with 49.3 percent of preferences for Biden and 48.7 percent for Trump.

The office of the secretary of state of that entity initially indicated that a new round of results would be announced Thursday morning.

If he wins in that state, the Democrat would reach 270 and take the presidency.

Three other entities in the east of the country are still at stake.

They are Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia.

In total, these states accumulate 51 electoral votes.

If Donald Trump won them, he would add 265, which would not be enough to reach the goal number.

However, the count of the votes advanced by mail is still pending.

Each entity determines the time in which it registers its early votes.

In Michigan and Wisconsin, there are local laws that prevent counting the ballots of voters who were cast early.

As for the day of last Tuesday, there are states in which scanners and even space in the warehouses to store the ballots were lacking.

In Pennsylvania, where there are 20 electoral votes at stake, here, local law allows ballots to be received up to three days after the election and they can be counted until tomorrow if they are postmarked November 3.

In the state, 3.1 million ballots were sent by mail, which take time to process.

This is in contrast to the state of Florida, where there was no problem with the processing of nine million early votes.

The southeast entity prepared for a complicated scenario. After the experience of the 2000 elections, there were lessons that were learned.

No one is going to steal our democracy from us, not now or ever. America has gone too far. The United States fought too many battles, the United States endured too much to allow that to happen, ”said the Democratic candidate during a speech in the state of Delaware.

In the face of impeachment claims from President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell admitted that it will take time for states to carry out their recounts.

Declaring that one won the election is different from finishing the recount, ” the legislator close to the president said at a press conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

McConnell said he is unperturbed by Trump’s claims that he will question the recount in key states.

It should come as no surprise that both sides are going to have lawyers there. The courts will decide the disputes, that’s how it is done in this country, “added the senator.

With information from AP and Reuters


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