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Doesn’t your favorite shirt fit you? Stretch it with these tips

Stretching a shirt is very easy so you can wear it again and it will look better. Photo: Pixabay


It has ever happened to us that due to the lack of sizes or the fabric that shrinks, the shirts do not fit us because they are smaller; However, there is nothing to worry about, or not so much, since they can be stretched a bit and we will tell you how.

For these tips you will need make your shirt 100 percent cotton because this fabric is more prone to its fibers being stretched with the different methods that we will present to you.

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Be careful, keep in mind that if your shirt has a design, it could look disproportionate if the garment does not stretch evenly, so do it carefully.


The first method that we recommend can vary a bit, since either you can use your shirt dry and wet it with the sprinkler of your iron, or it is a little damp after having been washed. You choose.

Once you have added a little water to your garment or it is a little damp, the next step is to iron it, yes, as you read, iron it, but be careful, because here is the trick: pass the iron evenly and As soon as you do, even with the shirt warm from the heat, stretch it with your hands.

Take the neck (both front and back) and the underside of your shirt and stretch. Now pass the neck to the shoulders and stretch down. Iron again and add some water with the sprinkler. Repeat the step one or two more times and alternate with stretches to the sides (in case the width of the garment does not please you).

Once you’ve done this, lay your shirt out on your bed or on the ironing board. Once it’s dry, try it on, pull down the bottom and you’ll see the big change.


No, this is not about a contest, but about your shirt fitting, and one of the old and most popular methods is to wash the shirt and put it on wet so that the fibers stretch and mold into the body.

For this step we suggest you not only in hot weather, but also that as soon as you wear your shirt you pull it far and wide for a few seconds to stretch the fabric. It is a time consuming method, but it usually has good results.

If you can’t put it on, then just keep it stretched and you can do that by laying it out on a surface, stretching it out, and placing weights or something heavy enough to prevent it from returning to its original state.

  • Keep in mind that the garments will not always remain stretched, because once you wash them they could return to their original state and you will have to repeat everything.

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