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Inmate takes hostage the director of the Lima prison in Jaltocán, Hidalgo

A strong police mobilization was registered in the Lima prison in Jaltocán Hidalgo, after an inmate took the prison director, Jorge Sánchez, hostage and two injured guards were registered. Initially the information circulated that it was a fight or a riot in that medium-security social rehabilitation center, however, the Secretary of Security, Mauricio Delmar, ruled out that it was these two situations.

The secretary mentioned that the information they have, which they have been able to gather through the radio because there is no other way of communication in the area, is that an inmate took the director hostage to demand that he be released. He warned that the demand of the inmate whose identity or the cause of his confinement was not made known will not happen, he said that control of the prison will be taken during the night of this Wednesday.

It is known that there are two custodians of the Control Tower who are injured, for which the entry of the paramedics was necessary. “There is no escape, there is no fight and there is no riot, it is a person deprived of liberty who has taken the prison director. It is under control, there is no risk of escape, the public can be calm,” said the Secretary of Security .

He indicated that in the place there is an operation with elements of the National Guard, state, municipal and investigation police. It was reported that there are at least a hundred security elements that remain in that place that is located in the mountains of the entity.