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Invite Sedena to continue saving lives


The Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), asked not to lower our guard and continue supporting people infected by covid-19.

At the Central Military Hospital in Mexico City, medical services were intensified to carry out blood transfusions for the benefit of patients who acquired the virus.

Each person can donate up to 600 milliliters for the convalescent plasma program that is intended for seriously ill patients, Gabriela Torres, the head of the Blood Bank of this military institution, explained to Excelsior.

“There are different types of blood donations, in a normal blood donation we extract approximately 480 milliliters of blood in 10 minutes, but this blood is centrifuged and we can obtain two components: blood and the liquid component, which is plasma,” he explained the surgeon Gabriela Torres.

It is performed with the support of a machine called Apheresis, which allows a blood component to be separated while the patient is connected.

With this, plasma is obtained in a procedure that allows the donor to return his cells and platelets through a saline solution and the application of anticoagulants, said the doctor, who showed two tubes for blood collection. “In the tube on the right side we can see the blood as it looks normal, it is whole blood, and on the left side we can see how the blood looks when it is separated, that is, below we see the erythrocytes and cells and in From the top we see the plasma, which is the liquid component where the antibodies we are looking for are found, ”explained the mayor, Torres Alarcón.

In this way, SEDENA invites those who have overcome the pandemic with confidence to have the good will to save lives.

The Central Military Hospital makes hematologists, biochemists, epidemiologists and internists available to the population to take advantage of this simple and rapid passive immunization.

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