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‘It is an honor to be with Donald Trump’; Brozo ‘protest’ in Washington

“Vote by vote, box by box … it’s an honor to be with Donald Trump,” Brozo shouts in the new analysis video with Carlos Loret de Mola on LatinUS.

In front of the Lincoln Monument, located in Washington DC, United States, both journalists held a conversation in which they analyzed the behavior of the presidential elections and compared the situation with what the future of Andrés Manuel López Obrador could be in Mexico.

Currently the results have not defined a president, as the historical votes have kept the schools in each state busy to count each vote cast.

Joe Biden is outlined with a victory of 263 electoral votes and Trump with 214, awaiting the results in key states such as Nevada and Pennsylvania.

During the more than 15-minute video, they both chat about how amazing it was to see the favorable results for Trump despite the mishandling of the pandemic he has had and the political scandals he has been a part of in his almost four years in office. .

Regarding the comparison with López Obrador, Loret de Mola explained that Trump’s success, despite the fact that he may lose the presidency, is a good result for the Mexican president, as it is an indicator of the popularity of an ‘incompetent’ candidate that despite a bad handling of power, it can have good results.

“As much as I have a disastrous government, I can do well in the elections,” he says.

In addition, they spoke about the great communication companies that the United States has such as CNN, The New York Times and Washington Post, which could not ‘open the eyes’ of society about the mistakes of the president no matter what they are’ the cream and cream ‘of journalism.

Finally, both showed their enthusiasm to know the results and continued with their walk in Washington, DC