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Man found guilty of taxi tablet fraud

The Free application tablet project planned to show the driver’s route and make fare collection more efficient / Photo: Special


One of the most ambitious programs that the Ministry of Mobility of Mexico City had was the implementation of tablets in taxis to compete with mobile application transfer services such as Uber and Cabify. However, it could not be carried out due to various acts of corruption in which businessman Eduardo Zayas Dueñas is allegedly involved, who is pointed out by businessmen and actresses.

Zayas Dueñas is a partner of four companies and legal representative of three consortiums considered ghosts that appear in the resource diversion schemes of the so-called Master Scam, as is the case of Construcciones y Diseños Constanza.

In addition, he allegedly creates businesses in which he seeks partners to invest large amounts of money while he designates less capital, which sometimes does not exceed 20 thousand pesos.

Such was the case with the installation of digital taximeters and a technological application called Libre, which had a cost of 30 million dollars contributed by a company created to manage the installation of this application, whose founders were associated with Zayas Dueñas, who allegedly disappointed.

Two deeds dated February 20, 2018 draw attention, where it is verified that Zayas Dueñas only made a capital investment of 20 thousand pesos, a small portion compared to that made by his partners.

After the cancellation of the tablet contract by the government by Claudia Sheinbaum, the businessmen involved sued the local government in the Southern District Court of New York, United States, for having confiscated or expropriated the technology for taxis.

In another case, through the company Promotora y Desarrolladora Pachuca, of which Zayas is the legal representative, he convinced several investors to allocate money to the Fairfields Gold SA de CV consortium, a company that, according to the Ministry of Economy, has three Concessions valid until 2062 to exploit the Huicicila mines, in Compostela, Nayarit.

However, to obtain the concessions, he allegedly forged the signature of a legal representative who had already died to guarantee contracts and, together with his partner, Santiago León Aveleyra, presented guarantees on the properties.

This led the investors of Promotora and Desarrolladora Pachuca to initiate legal proceedings against Zayas Dueñas for fraud in 2017, by illegally seizing three departments in Periférico Sur and leaving them as collateral to obtain the concessions of the mines.


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