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Maradona evolves favorably


Diego Armando Maradona he is “very well” and demanded the doctors discharge from the hospital where he is admitted, after an emergency medical intervention due to a bruise on the head, said the former footballer’s personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque.

Evolution is still very good. You really want to go, you feel in high condition“Luque said at the door of the hospital located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

We held him, we tried to convince himThe idea is to keep it for another day, but it can go away, “added the doctor.

Luque also pointed out that Maradona “can walk, he talks to me, it shows much clearer” and is going through a “very good postoperative”.

In the event that the world champion with the Argentine national team in 1986 decides to leave the clinic, the doctor indicated that he will continue with the controls in the house of “Pelusa”.

Maradona was operated on Tuesday night at the Olivos Clinic, where a team led by Luque “successfully evacuated the subdural hematoma“according to the first medical reports.

The soccer idol turned 60 on Friday, which is why he received a tribute before the start of the match between Gimnasia y Esgrima, the club he has directed since 2019, and the Paraná Board of Trustees, but after the greetings and entertainment he had to leave the stadium due to to health problems.