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PAN seeks arrests of up to 72 hrs in NL for not wearing mask

The coordinator of the PAN bench, Carlos de la Fuente, when presenting his proposal to demand the use of face masks. Photo: Fabricio Gallegos / ABC Newspaper


Given the rise in covid cases in the entity, the PAN legislative group will propose that the use of face masks be mandatory.

The proposal seeks that the use of a mask is reflected in the laws of the State and those who commit the administrative offense are fined up to 72 hours of arrest.

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The coordinator of the PAN bench, Carlos de la Fuente, pointed out that his work team is fine-tuning details to emulate the Congress of Sonora and Colima, who have already presented a similar proposal.

“The mandatory use of face masks within the law, we are preparing the initiative, tomorrow I will be presenting it to the official office of parts so that the use of face masks is mandatory.”

“We are proposing that it could be an administrative offense, the administrative offense could be 72 hours in jail or a fine imposed by the municipalities, that is how we are viewing it, in the Sonora Congress they do not put a cost, but if we do not put a sanction is hardly going to work, “de la Fuente said.

The PAN legislator pointed out that he will seek that the proposal be turned over as urgent given the increase that has been presented in the entity, where in recent days about 650 cases of Covid have already been registered in a single day.

A situation that has not been seen in the entity since August, when the pandemic was at one of its highest points.

“The idea is that this obligation be established so that the municipalities, based on their regulations, can define a sanction for those who incur this offense.”

We saw with good eyes what was legislated in Sonora for the mandatory use of face masks within the law, “said the PAN.

The legislator pointed out that it is necessary to replicate the good actions that allow to reduce the cases of Covid in the entity and in this way avoid more severe measures being taken by the State.

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