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‘Peña Nieto did receive support from Odebrecht’, accuses Javier Duarte

The former governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, said that he does not know the reasons why Luis Meneses Weyll, former director of Odebrecht Mexico, is declaring falsehoods in relation to the economic support they made in favor of the presidential campaign of Enrique Peña Nieto.

Through his Twitter account, he commented that in 2012, being already president-elect of Mexico, Peña Nieto made a tour of South America and one of the points he visited was Sao Paulo in Brazil, there he was at Marcelo Odebrecht’s house.

He said that there he called him, by phone, to instruct him to accelerate all the procedures and works that the government of the state of Veracruz had pending so that Ethylene XXI could start as soon as possible, since he had a very great commitment to these people because of the support he had received for his presidential campaign.

The former governor indicated that He has all the disposition to declare everything that he knows about the casor, without the need to request any “criteria of opportunity”.

“I have the disposition to declare everything that I know in this case before the corresponding authority WITHOUT the need to request any criteria of opportunity or any benefit, I do it simply with the intention of clarifying and supporting the investigation of this case and above all that the truth is known, “he wrote on the social network from prison.