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Prepa 5 of the UNAM talks about Jorge’s disappearance and condemns the facts

After making the case of Jorge Barrera Rios’ disappearance known, UNAM High School 5 condemned the incident and confirmed that the young man is a student at the campus and reported that he is collaborating with the authorities investigating the case.

On Wednesday the issue became a trend, with the “hashtag” “#nosfaltajorge” and the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJ) released the search file and the Amber Alert for the disappearance of 16-year-old Jorge Ríos Barrera , who was last seen on October 26.

According to some unconfirmed versions that circulate on social networks, the 16-year-old, supposedly a student of the Prepa 5 of the UNAM, attended the educational campus due to a joke that some classmates played on him, who told him that that day there would be face-to-face exam.

After the alleged joke, the whereabouts of the minor were not known again.

Prepa 5 of the UNAM condemns Jorge’s disappearance

In this regard, campus number 5 of the National Preparatory School (ENEP) of the UNAM, “José Vasconcelos” issued a statement demanding the “immediate presentation” of his student.

It also indicates that they are in contact with the authorities to provide them with the necessary information to find Jorge Barrera’s whereabouts.

At the same time, the campus management reported that it maintains permanent communication with their family members, to whom they provide the proper accompaniment and legal guidance.

Finally, the authorities of High School 5 condemned the incident.

“The National Preparatory School cannot accept the sudden disappearance of any of its students, and underlines the need for the entire community to live in a safe and peaceful environment,” stated in the document released through its official channels.

Amber Alert was also activated in March

Earlier, the FGJ reported on social networks that since November 3, the date on which the disappearance of Jorge Barrera Ríos was reported, work began to find his whereabouts.

The FGJ reported that this Thursday a work table will be held with the young man’s family to give details of his search and confirmed that in March of this year, the young man was also reported missing and the Amber Alert was also activated.

“Today the Prosecutor’s Office will hold a working table with the complainant in order to explain the details of the search and the issuance of the Amber Alert, which was also activated on March 14, when she was absent and deactivated the day 20 of that month, “reported the Prosecutor’s Office.