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Safer roads in the agglomeration in 2019 –

If we rely on the statistics presented in the Annual Activity Report of the Service de police de l’Agglomération de Longueuil (SPAL), it is clear that the roads were safer on the territory in 2019. Infractions, collisions and number victims have all seen a drop last year.

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Although there was one more fatal accident in 2019 compared to the previous year, collisions killed 8 fewer people, a decrease of 7.7%. The five road deaths are also a stable statistic compared to the data for the last five years.

Serious injuries decreased by 12.1% in 2019.

The number of collisions occurring in the territory also decreased by 8.8% in 2019, when 3,943 incidents were recorded, including 34 fatal or causing serious injuries.

“The inattention of the people involved remains the first probable cause of an accident,” underlines the Report.

To this end, the SPAL underlines the implementation of its awareness campaign #NonAuxDistractions, which aimed to convince drivers of the importance of keeping their full attention on the road in order to avoid accidents.

Finally, following the 2019 trend, traffic-related criminal offenses decreased by 11.7% last year.

However, the SPAL notes an increase in cases of driving with impaired capacities by drugs. Despite an overall drop of 3.5% in impaired driving cases reported in 2019, the percentage of drug-related cases fell from an average of 8% annually to a rate of 15% last year.

“The indirect effects of the entry into force of the legalization of cannabis in Canada appear to be the most plausible explanation, in particular because of the efforts made on the ground to promote detection”, specifies the SPAL in its Report.

Cannabis is not, however, the substance most often detected by the Laboratory of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine (LSJML); it would be more methamphetamine.

It should be noted that the SPAL currently has 7 operational assessment officers, whereas it only had 2 in 2011.

Number of victims

  • 5 deaths (+ 25% compared to 2018)
  • 29 serious injuries (-12.1%)
  • 155 pedestrians (+ 0.6%)
  • 96 cyclists (-4%)
  • 44 motorcyclists (-15.4%)


  • 5 fatal collisions (+ 25% compared to 2018)
  • 29 collisions with serious injuries (stable)
  • 991 collisions with minor injuries (-4.9%)
  • 1,509 material collisions (-11.6%)
  • 1,409 property collisions under $ 2,000 (-8.6%)

Traffic-related criminal offenses

  • 31 dangerous driving offenses (-27.9% compared to 2018)
  • 17 lawsuits (+ 41.7%)
  • 469 cases of impaired driving (-3.5%)
  • 1,535 hit and run offenses (-12.8%)
  • 24 other offenses (-51%)