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Saint-Lambert: Francis Le Chatelier wants to protect the Limousin woodland –

Although the Saint-Lambert urban plan provides for the Limousin woodland to be zoned “park”, Councilor Francis Le Chatelier would like to consolidate its protection “for future generations”.

At the meeting of October 19, the councilor of district 1 presented a resolution asking the head of the environment division to propose a management plan “in order to enhance the wooded area without altering it” and to propose to council “A preliminary plan to protect this space for future generations”.

The advisor recalls that the wooded area of ​​Limousin, which has been neglected over time, has often been coveted by developers for real estate projects, the most recent of which was blocked by citizens in 2018.

“We want to make sure that in 20 years, 30 years, 100 years and 200 years, there will never be a promoter who calls on this land.”

– Francis Le Chatelier

“It is inevitable that we have to make development projects, but I believe that there are several sites that we can develop in Saint-Lambert that are not woodlots,” said the advisor. These developments can be added values ​​for the population, ”he added, specifying that the City should focus on sustainable development.

During the second question period, citizen Annik Lafortune, from the Les Amis du Boisé du Limousin group, congratulated the advisor on his initiative, “which is part of a very current trend of preserving plots of biodiversity on the territory” .

Some advisers also took advantage of their round table to salute their colleague’s approach.

“I firmly believe that the fact of highlighting the woodland will allow people to appropriate it even more and possibly make it impermeable to any desire to build something other than a natural space there”, asserted Loïc Blancquaert.

Brigitte Marcotte, for her part, suggested creating a social utility trust to protect the woodlot.

Introduced into the Quebec Civil Code in 1994, the social utility trust allows a social vocation to be assigned in perpetuity to a heritage – natural, tangible or intangible – and to ensure that this property could never have an owner again.

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