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Salvador Cienfuegos hearing suspended in the US due to noise

The hearing in which the charges for which Salvador Cienfuegos was detained in the United States would be announced was suspended because members of the press did not silence their mobile devices and generated an echo in the transmission, which is why it was postponed.

Judge Carol Bagley Amon indicated that the hearing would be behind closed doors and that it would be recorded and later made public.

At the beginning of the hearing of former Mexican Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos in the Eastern District Court of New York, Judge Carol Bagley Amon rejected her defense’s request to postpone the hearing.

After a few minutes Cienfuegos entered the room, but in the transmission you could only hear his voice.

“I need a little volume,” the retired general was heard saying, then the judge asked a guard to help him.

The judge called on the representatives of the press to use their mobile devices in silence and issued a warning that the hearing could be suspended due to the noise and echo they generated in the transmission.

Because representatives of the media did not heed the call, the hearing was suspended. The judge ordered that it would be behind closed doors and would be made public later.